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"A girl should be two things~classy and fabulous." Coco Chanel
Blading & Beauty Academy
Initial Consultation:
We provide a free consultation, no deposit needed. The consultation will be approximately 30 minutes; this will not be your procedure day. 
Consent forms will be emailed to you, which must be completed and brought with you to your consultation.
Patch Test must be completed 48 hours before your treatment, or you can sign a waiver on the day of your treatment.
We draw the brow design in pencil so you get an idea of shape and form.
We take a photo of you so we can study the symmetry of your features. No one is exactly the same, and what we see as your ideal brow might not be what you want, we want to achieve your perfect brow. Our goal is to obtain symmetry and communicate realistic expectations. Please remember we can’t make you look like your favorite celebrity, we are brow artists not plastic surgeons. Miracle beautiful brows we can do. Be your own beautiful!

Before the Treatment:
Do not take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E or Ibuprofen 24 hours before.
Do not drink coffee, alcohol or energy drinks on the day of treatment.
If you tint your brows, do it one day prior to treatment
Do not tan or sunbathe 3 days before treatment.
No waxing! You must complete any waxing 3 days before the treatment.
No chemical peels, dermabrasion, mesotherapy or any other intense treatments. This will cause skin cells to rejuvenate faster which will result in skin irritation. We recommend any of these to be done 2-3 weeks before microblading.
Fix and/or wash your hair before the treatment. You will not be able to have direct contact with water on the area for 7 days.

On the Consultation Day:
Please arrive least 10 minutes before your appointment. Late arrival will not be accepted, please call us; it can lead to your treatment being postponed to another day.
We clean your brow area with sterile, hygienic pads and draw the brow form on to your skin. 
A photo will be taken, often times a photo will show defects or issues that may need to be addressed.
We use a sterile microblading tool and disposable blade during your procedure.
We use EU Regulated Permanent Makeup high quality pigments, specially manufactured for microblading.

Treatment Steps (procedure usually takes approximately 2 hours):
1.Consultation discussing treatment, shape, and pigment color.
2.Shape is drawn with a soft pencil.
3.Numbing cream is applied to the skin; this takes approximately 20-30 minutes to take affect.
4.Pigment is applied with a manual tool using our technique.
5.Pigment is left to absorb and work its magic!
6.We clean the area and apply a healing cream.
7.Take a look at your new, gorgeous brows!

Aftercare: Important Info
• Water or any other liquids cannot come in contact with the affected area for 7 days after microblading, even a small drop will expand a wound and a scab will appear.
• Disinfect/wash the affected area with a small amount of recommended disinfectant within 30-60 minutes after the treatment and then apply a thin coat of the after care balm. You will repeat this 2-4 times a day after the initial 24 hours. If your skin is oily make sure you keep your brows clean and dry, you can disinfect more times if needed. If your skin is dry, choose a non-alcohol based disinfectant to avoid additional dryness, you will only want to disinfect 2-3 times a day, over disinfecting will cause dryness. Examples: alcohol based disinfectant is cutasept, octenidine based products such as octenisept or octisept won’t cause itching (70% alcohol based)
• If itching occurs, you can pat the area with a clean hand, but do not pick!
• If dryness occurs and ONLY after the 4th day, you can disinfect the area by using a small amount of coconut or grape seed oil. Make sure your brows are not greasy, no residue of oil should appear.
• After 7 days, you can use resume your normal regime, except please avoid excess oil and sweating, as well as the recommended do nots such as sunbathing, foundation, chemical peels, etc for 2-4 weeks. It's important to keep your brows clean.
Do not use any other ointments, or creams with vitamins or antibiotics on brows.
No sunbathing, or tanning for 4 weeks.
No chemical peels, mesotherapy, dermabrasion, Botox or any other intense treatments for 4 weeks.
Do not use any makeup on affected area for 2 weeks.
Do not scratch, touch or sleep on your brows for at least 2 weeks.
No heavy workouts for 10 days. Avoid sweating.
Sometimes residual pigment, blood, white blood cells, etc., can arise from the open wound, if this occurs you should gently dab this away. Don’t panic if dry patches or scabs appear as this can be taken care of in the second touch-up appointment.
Avoid Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline during your healing period. Anything with a petroleum base can cause a reaction, crusting, scabbing and sweating so the skin is not able to breathe.
• It's normal to see a little bit of flaking but not scabbing. 

Healing Process and Touch-Up:
If you keep your brows clean and dry, only a thin film (not a scab) will appear after 4-7 days. It will peel off itself in 7-10 days (do NOT peel it off). After the film peels off you can still feel some dryness, in this case clean or disinfect the area with a small amount of coconut or grape seed oil. Be careful with any cleaning in the affected area. The full healing period is 28-45 days.
If there is any contact with water, sebum or sweat, the wound will expand and cause a scab. The scab will result in itching and peeling of the pigment. If you scratch the scab, a scar or white spot can appear and no pigment will be left.
Everyone’s skin heals differently. It is important to remember that this is a two-part process and the second touch-up will complete the procedure. The touch-up is recommended after 45 days. Not everyone, but some people will need a touch-up to fill in missing hairs, make hairs longer or achieve a more intensive color. After you have fully healed, you will see the finished result. Please be patient and don’t panic.