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What sets us apart? Your brow is in the hands of the artist! Broadway is not like the conventional microblading treatment, our attention to detail and your brow fullness is worth every penny! For information on why makes our training the best, please click here.
Since microblading is so new, a lot of people use social media and pictures as their guide, they see a picture and think, "That looks good." Most of the pictures you see online are right after the procedure, the true difference is with Broadway we add more hair strokes in your brow to give you the fullness you want. 

When you look at other artist's work, look at the hair strokes and count them, some of our competitors do the bare minimum but still charge a grip, with them you will get 15-20 strokes per brow and you can clearly count them. Broadway completes your brows with 30-75 strokes per brow; they will look filled in and natural. Now that you are aware of this, you will understand what makes us different. You can see the pictures and compare. We thrive on educating our clients and students.
Our advice is to make sure you have a thorough consultation with your technician, and know what you are paying for. Some competitors only do 15-20 strokes on each side. The strokes we do are varying in size (30-50 per side, sometimes more) and will give you fullness. Our procedures takes at least 2 hours. Your investment deserves value!
For recent photos of our work, you can visit us on Instagram @broadwayincorporated