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"A girl should be two things~classy and fabulous." Coco Chanel
Blading & Beauty Academy
So many students ask what makes you better than the rest?
We never want to put down our competition; since there are more trainings offered, we would like to explain why you should choose BROADWAY! Remember in the last 5 years, we've trained over 5000 students and have over 15 locations. We are continually working on this section of our website and actually survey our students to get feedback.
Here's a glimpse of what your training will include (toot toot, that's us tooting our own horn):

-We understand that not a lot of people have a big chunk of money to spare, so guess what? We care! We now offer financing!!! For more info, click here.

-One of the biggest questions we are asked is what makes you different from other companies? Is 2 days going to be enough training? Those are great questions! First, we don't put other companies down so do your research and always go with your gut. Second, yes there are trainings that are 5-7 days, however the biggest difference is those "extra" days with other companies are practice days, so you are paying much more for you to be able to practice. We believe in staying within a budget that is affordable and realistic. If you want to come back and practice, then that's no problem and can be scheduled with us. Who has 7 days to take off work? Time is money. Our practice sessions are $150-200, which is much cheaper than paying thousands. Also, what if you pick it up quicker than you thought and don't feel you need the extra 2-3 days? Then you've just payed $5000-7000 for days you are wasting? We customize the trainings for your needs which is why we offer add-ons.

-It's come to our attention that some students have taken a class only months ago and now are trying to train. One way to know the difference is look at social media posts and see how long ago they posted "their" work or advertising...if it's recent, do you want to learn from a beginner or someone that has been doing this for a few months? We have been training students for over 3 years! You are making an investment; don't base your decision because the training is closer or maybe cheaper, and/or way over priced....go with your gut!

-Often our students are confused on the correct wording for "Microblading," here are other words used to describe blading: 3d hair strokes, eyebrow embroidery, feathering, shading, micro pigmentation, softap (much different). Some of these are not blading, we discuss the differences in training.

-We can take someone with zero experience and turn them into a "Microblading Artist." We've trained doctors, attorneys, estheticians, cosmetologists, dental hygienists, and more...all different fields. Our instructors are trained to know how to teach YOU based on what you might struggle with. 

-BIG DIFFERENCE: there are several different types of blades with different sizes and shapes...WOW overwhelming...a little bit. Don't worry, we go over the different blades AND we teach you how to use multiple blades. Without revealing too much, just know this, there is one blade type that is much harder to use and some of our competitors do not teach it. We cover this in your training so you are prepared! 

-Our class sizes are small! Average class is 3-4 students. We teach 7 days a week and on a weekly basis. Our travel classes tend to be bigger, we allot 1 instructor per 8 students, if the class gets bigger then we add another instructor. Get the attention you deserve!

-We teach several different brows, and a variety of hair strokes; not everyone is going to have the same brow, a lot of competitors will only teach you one type of brow, or one hair stroke. Our training goes over age groups, ethnicity, skin types, how people heal, brow shapes, and more!

-Our kit was hand picked with supplies that we use on our clients! We don't buy a random kit and have taken the time to include supplies that we know will help with your success.

-Liability releases, disclosures/waivers, after care for your clients that are templates for you to use.

-DIRECT CONTACT with your instructor so you can send them before and afters in order to gain feedback. We want to correct any issues before you continue. There's nothing more frustrating than having a question and not having someone to contact. We also can customize dates for training to help with schedule conflicts.

-COLOR THEORY? Absolutely! How to correct permanent makeup and should you? Yes! We go over all of this and discuss who might not be a candidate for blading. 

-Our manual is 100 pages long, this is an education program not just how to do blading; comprehensive knowledge with forms for sanitation.

-PIGMENTS? Worried about color and how to choose it? We provide a turn-key PIGMENT CHART, so you know how to choose the right color for your client and what color corrects what. Our pigment line is FDA approved and made in the USA, there is over 20 colors to pick from. It's not realistic to get the perfect color with only 5 pigments available to you like other companies offer.

-What do you need to buy for your setup? We give you a mini shopping list, suggestions and tips on purchasing items. Remember our training is a turn-key education program to help you be successful.

-Cost/profit margins for the procedure and you as the practitioner, as well as time estimates so you can schedule correctly.

-Client consultations? Yes, you need to know how to speak like a professional, you can't rely on Google for your answers. Do you know how awkward it is to meet someone and not know the answer to their questions? Of course you might be asked a question that stumps you, but we prepare you for consultations and teach you how to do them effectively! Making a client comfortable and selling them on how amazing you are is important.  

-Discounted supply access after training, exclusively only for our students.

-Multiple locations for you to choose from and we do travel classes by request (cost may vary).

-Model Reschedule Policy: We can help you find a model (notice required), or you can bring someone you know; but let's face it, models can flake! Rest assured, IF your model flakes, we allow you to come back one time to our Tustin or Laguna Hills location with your model and an instructor will supervise the procedure (90 minutes only, the model can't have any health issues, and paperwork must be filled out. For the safety of everyone, the instructor can stop the procedure at any time.).

Hopefully the information above sheds light on why we are the right choice.

LEARN FROM THE BEST IN ORDER TO BE THE BEST! :) For pricing and more information, please click here.